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Our Mission

We enable secure and easy-to-use electronic payments, anywhere and anytime.
We connect buyers, financial institutions, merchants and service providers.
We unite international stakeholders by sharing knowledge and know-how.

While following our mission, we put people and the environment first.
Together we are shaping a future where mutual trust and respect make this world a better place.

Our values

Even the best strategy cannot succeed, when it is not backed by a strong culture.


We perform our duties with integrity. We are committed to deliver excellence and strive for continuous improvement. We each adhere to the highest standards of behavior including honesty and fairness in everything we do.


We believe knowledge is power and we happily share our knowledge and experience with each other. We recognize everyone’s right to be listened to and have the courage to express our own opinion. We speak the truth so that good or bad information travels fast and in a timely manner.


We embrace change as an enabler for a better future. We embrace life-long learning. We are not taken down by failures as we know they are the path to success.


We nurture curiosity and the desire to explore ideas. We challenge the status quo and proactively initiate change and improvement. We never stop looking for a better solution.

Joy of Work

We are driven by our passion to go the extra mile to delight and surprise in everything we do. Through personal drive and motivation, we inspire others and help them to fulfill their potential and grow with their jobs.


Our ambition

Here are our strategic objectives.

Grow Sustainably

We will further specialize in those segments we have the most competitive advantage in, to built best-in-class products and do so efficiently.

Increase International Footprint

We will continue to actively hire from an international pool of applicants, develop over oversees locations, and build closer ties with our international partners.

Strengthen Corporate Culture

We will make sure that while our team grows, our underlying values are effectively passed on to all the new members of our firm.

Be Innovative

In an increasingly commoditized market, we will strive to differ. With a solid commitment in R&D, following the principles of user- and customer-centricity, we will be one of the first on the market with innovations and break-through products.

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