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Get your free 2015 Halcom Magazine

The banking world revolves around digital transformation, cashless society and big data, which are the central themes of this edition of the Halcom Magazine.


Download your Free Retail Banking Booklet

 The retail banking booklet showcases its features tailored to user's needs via a responsive design.


Download the free QIIB Case Study

The QIIB Case Study shows how the Qatar-based QIIB bank set up a modern system of electronic banking in line with the Sharia banking requirements.


Download the free Credit du Maroc Case Study

The case study shows how Credit du Maroc, part of the second largest banking group in Europe, modernized their online banking.


Get your free 2014 Halcom Magazine

In 2014, the banking industry focused on self-service economy and SaaS technology solutions, so this is the central theme of this edition of the Halcom Magazine.


Get your free 2013 Halcom Magazine

In 2013, the banking industry focused on Multi-Convergence, so this is the central theme of this edition of the Halcom Magazine


Download the E-invoicing Solution Booklet

The solution booklet showcases an e-invoicing and e-billing system of Hal E-invoices.


Download the free e-clearing white paper

The e-clearing white paper showcases the suite of products and functionality of Hal E-Clearing and their support of retail payment processing.


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