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Qualified digital certificate for individuals

Qualified digital certificate for individuals allows online business on several portals (Tax Administration, Central Register of Mandatory Social Security, eGovernment Portal, Customs Administration ...), but doesn’t allow business in Hal E-Bank Personal/Corporate/B2B solutions. With this certificate, in your own name, and on behalf of a legal entity that you represent, you can do the duties in accordance with regulations of various institutions in Republic of Serbia.

Qualified digital certificate for individuals, issued by Halcom CA, are intended for users of e-business for:

  • Serbian Business Registers Agency: Signing financial statements
    • Building permits – claim submitting in the unified procedure
  • Tax Administration, E-taxes (income tax)
  • Central Registry of Compulsory Social Insurance
  • National Health Insurance Fund, Online claim
  • eGovernment Portal
  • RATEL, online communication
  • Documents encryption (MS Office, PDF, Outlook ...)
  • Pension and disability insurance fund, online delivery M4 form

*Note: Qualified digital certificate for individuals can’t be used for Halcom digital banking. (?)

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