Software and technical requirements (prerequisites) for Corporate E-Bank

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Multi-user version, Hal E-Bank/Corporate, can be installed in a local network so that all Hal E-Bank users have access to common database, on the principle client / server. 

IBM's DB2 database is usually installed on the base server or on a separate computer, which has a role of a server. On server is necessary to install a software server package for IBM DB2 database, and on work stations - users, IBM DB2 client.

To work with HAL E-BANK / Corporate a company must have:
  • A base server for joint (centralized) database,
  • Computers in the same network - WORKSTATIONS AND SERVER,
  • Correctly set parameters of the operating system,
  • Communication and sufficient data flow rate through required ports between the workstations and the base server,
  • Smart card readers and smart cards, authorized by the bank,
  • Internet connection.

1. Necessary conditions for BASE SERVER:

  • At least 1 GB of free space for installation on hard drive.
  • For data that should be stored is necessary to provide additional space (for every 5000 transactions approximately 20 MB is required)
  • Memory size that corresponds to the operating system: 
    • Minimum Windows 7: recommended GB RAM-a and for every connected DB2 client, additional 4MB of RAM memory.
  • CD-ROM unit or enabled access to CD-ROM unit in local network.
  • The recommended memory size also depends on the other applications that are running on the primary server. The main requirement is that the primary server has access to so much memory that it doesn't use disk memory (Swap).
  • Support for TCP/IP protocol.
  • Static IP address within the local network.
  • The computer name must only contain alphanumeric characters (digits and letters).

In addition, take a look at IBM DB2 documents HERE.

2.  Necessary conditions for WORKSTATION:

  • At least 600 MB of free space on hard drive.
  • Memory size that corresponds to the operating system:
    • Minimum Windows 7: recommended 1 GB of RAM.
  • CD-ROM unit or enabled access to CD-ROM unit in local network.
  • Support for TCP/IP protocol.
  • Communication port depending on the type of smart card reader(in most cases USB).
  • Open port 3600 for communication with the e-bank server.
  • Halcom smart card and a smart card reader.
  • Minimum monitor resolution 1024 X 768 pixels.

In addition, take a look at IBM DB2 client documents HERE.

3. Other conditions and necessary adjustments (apply for workstation and base server ) :

  • Installation requires administrator rights for the Windows account.
  • Set Time Zone to GMT+1.
  • Regional Settings set on Serbian Latin.
  • During installation, turn off antivirus and firewall programs, as well as the UAC (Win 2008/7).
  • »Environment Variables« must be added (table below):
    Variable name
    Variable value 
  • Ensured communication and sufficient data rate flow (we don't recommend dial-up connection) by port  50000 (and possibly 50001) between workstations (DB2 clients) and base server (on which is installed IBM DB2 database).
  • Access to the defined shared folder via windows explorer.

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