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1. What is a digital certificate?

Featured A digital certificate is a unique link between the certificate holder and his public key. The certificate contains the user's basic data and the public key. In open systems, digital certificates are publicly available, which allows finding and verifying the…

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2. How do I unblock a blocked ONE FOR ALL digital certificate?

Featured If your smart card / USB key ONE FOR ALL is blocked you can unblock it with the PUK code. The PUK code is written on the document containing the initial PIN code (envelope received from Halcom-CA, when the certificate was ordered). Before entering the PUK,…

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3. Root and intermediate digital certificates - structure of Halcom CA digital certificates

Halcom CA has issued following root and intermediate digital certificates:HALCOM ROOT CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY Valid from: 1.6.2017 - START OF USE 1.7.2017Digital certificate of the issuer Halcom Root Certificate Authority - Distinguished name: C=SI, O=Halcom…

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4. I need the Nexus Personal middleware

Nexus Personal download

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5. Changing the authorisations of authorised persons

You can change the authorisations in agreement with your bank.

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6. Other online portals

The Halcom qualified digital certificate allows you to do business with multiple portals. Legal entities(Halcom CA PO 2, Halcom CA PO 3) AJPES Banka Celje Customs Administration of the RS Deželna banka Slovenije, DBS PRONET eDavki E-uprava INTRASTAT KDD…

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7. Banks abroad

With the Halcom qualified digital certificate on smart card or USB key, you can do business with multiple banks abroad. Serbia AIK banka Alpha Bank Banca Intesa Credit Agricole banka Credy banka EFG banka Erste Bank Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank Komercijalna banka…

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8. Banks in Slovenia

With the Halcom qualified digital certificate for legal entities, you can do business with multiple accounts at multiple banks. 1. The Hal E-bank program Abanka (Abacom)Addiko BankBanka SparkasseBKS BankDelavska hranilnicaNova Ljubljanska banka (NLB Proklik)SBERBANKSKBUniCredit…

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9. Why choose the ONE FOR ALL advanced qualified digital certificate and the Hal E-Bank?

While using the ONE FOR ALL qualified digital certificate and the Hal E-Bank solution, you can do business in the same way with multiple banks. An authorised representative can use the Hal E-Bank to combine the data from multiple accounts held at one or several…

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10. Instructions for obtaining qualified digital certificate for foreign company

Complete documentation for ordering an advanced qualified digital certificate for legal entities on the ONE FOR ALL smart card or USB key.Overall request form for issuance of personal qualified digital certificate for legal persons,Request for obtaining digital…

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