I cannot connect to the bank server

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Make sure that the communication port for connecting to the bank server is open. For information on which ports need to be open to communicate with the bank servers, please refer to the table below.

 Abanka Vipa  abacom.abanka.si  3606 3604 
 UniCredit banka Slovenija  e-bank.unicreditbank.si  443 3604  yes 
 NLB  proklik.nlb.si  443 3604  yes 
 EBB Ljubljana (Addiko Bank, Banka Sparkasse, BKS Bank, Delavska hranilnica, SBERBANK, SKB)  ebank.halcom.si 3600  3604 
 ProCredit Bank and Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo  ebank.halcom.si 3600  5604 

To test the connection with the bank server, you can use the Program for testing the connection with the bank server.. Run the program, click Test Ports and wait for testing to finish. If the window next to the communication port turns green, the port is open. If the window turns red, the port is closed.

For assistance on how to open the port, please contact your system administrator.

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