Halcom Speaks at the e-Development Conference 2018 in Belgrade

Mar 23, 2018

The e-Development Association organized their eighth annual conference under the working title e-Development Conference 2018. The topic of the conference was: "Where are we and where we should be in the use of modern ICT". Halcom a.d., as a proud Donor of the conference, presented its solutions within the presentation "Qualified Trust Services - Practice in the Country and in the Region."

The key challenge of the modern global world is the process of digitalization of the economy and the overall society that should provide the world with sustainable economic growth, new jobs positions, the green planet activities to make life better, and easier for all people.
The technological power of the fourth industrial revolution related to the so-called disruptive technologies (internet, mobile communications, social media, cloud and big data analytics, etc.) open big development prospects for businesses, nations, and for each individual on the one hand, but on the other hand, they also open up a number of security risks and protection, to social and psychological impacts on the society as a whole.
Where is Serbia in this story? What is new in ICT that should be kept in mind for faster growth and better competitiveness? What is perspective for Serbia in the global digital race? These are just some of the issues that were addressed at the e-Development Conference 2018.
Qualified Trust Services - Practice in the Country and in the Region
At the conference Branko Milikić, Halcom a.d., presented a qualified electronic certificate for legal entities "One for All", that enables access to a company’s online banking portal as well as signing domestic and international payments on behalf of the parent and daughter companies at home and abroad. Milikić also mentioned the qualified electronic certificate for private individuals as well and presented its benefits.

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