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Being a good corporate citizen and doing business
with integrity is key to how we operate.

Together we drive tangible progress in communities where we work and live.


Supporting the young

Halcom has a long-standing tradition of sponsoring student competitions in the fields of design, innovation and programming, that allow young professionals to sharpen their skills, show off their talents and enrich their resumes with demonstrated experience.

In cooperation with the University of Ljubljana and EESTEC LC Ljubljana, Halcom held several student competitions in the past. One of such events was ‘Halcomova Olimpijada’, where students of the Physics and Mathematics Department of University of Ljubljana competed with their research work, and the winners were awarded money prizes. More recently, an intensive 9-day international workshop “Bytes of Banking” saw more than 20 international students work on innovative concepts in digital banking.


Sponsoring arts and culture

Halcom is actively supporting renowned cultural institutions and events in the cities, where we operate, enriching the places and people who live there, including our employees.

Our involvement in local cultural life means that our staff enjoys benefits such as discounted tickets and backstage tours, continually broadening their horizons and strengthening their local roots.


Promoting sustainability

Committed to environmental protection, Halcom has an internal Environmental Protection Group that is responsible for managing our operational footprint in an efficient and sustainable manner as well as continously improving our performance.

Our sustainability efforts are focused on the efficient use of energy, water and office materials. To date, a number of initiatives in this field have been implemented across our offices: from encouraging efficient paper use and managing effective paper and battery recycling programs to remote starting of computer equipment to introduction of a sustainability mascot offering water and energy saving tips throughout the public areas in Halcom.

Halcom is also backing up Elaphe, a young Slovene high-tech company developing energy-efficient and environment-friendly vehicle motors. The in-wheel motors will first be built into light electrical vehicles, such as scooters, with the long-term plan being to supply them primarily to the car industry.


Helping those in need

Halcom actively promotes volunteerism and service. A wide-array of initiatives take place throughout the year giving each employee a chance to contribute to a meaningful cause that best matches his interests and passions. Our employees generously donate their time, money and expertise to a diverse array of causes - from working with non-profit organizations to directly helping families in underserved neighborhoods through food, clothes, housing and children day-camp programs.

Apart from setting aside a sum of money for humanitarian assistance to those in need, Halcom also typically runs a 1-to-1 matching program, allowing to double whatever funds employees manage to raise for each cause.

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