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We are Halcom. Nice to meet you!

Halcom delivers in-house and cloud digital banking solutions accross the complete range of
modern desktop and mobile devices for companies and private individuals.

Company Summary

Halcom is a leading European financial technology vendor catering to central and commercial banks. The company’s one-stop-shop approach allows us to offer technology, infrastructure, support and advisory services, as well as deliver clearing and digital banking solutions out of one hand. Despite its wide product portfolio, Halcom has continously pioneered innovative industry solutions and won multiple best-in-breed product awards over the years.

Halcom’s Digital Banking suite is a single engine platform that allows individual deployment of online, mobile and tablet solutions. Such platform modularity enables fast time to market, long product lifespan and customization to fit every client’s need. The decoupled user interface allows Halcom to continuously carry out non-destructive upgrades, ensuring a modern user experience through out the product’s lifecycle.

Founded in 1992, today Halcom powers the operations of 2 central banks and clearing houses and 70+ commercial banks in 8 countries accross EMEA.

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