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Unblocking qualified digital certificate for Serbian customers

Inormation below is relevant for qualified certificates, issued from 01 August 2014, and unqualified certificates.

To unblock the card, you have to do the following:

1. Find the envelope with the PIN and PUK code that came with the card. If there is no PUK code in the envelope, read the instructions below (for certificates issued until 31 July 2014).

2. Check if the number of card from envelope is same as the number of card you are trying to unblock.


3. Open Nexus Personal program by double-clicking the icon. Icon is located in the lower, right corner of desktop (next to the date and time).

4. When window Nexus Personal opens, select Electronic ID icon (1) in the white part of the window. Click on the icon PIN (2) above.

5. PIN management wizard will be opened. Click Next.

6. Select the second option: Unblock PIN (1). Click Next (2).

Be careful when entering the PUK code. After three unsuccessful entries, card will become useless!!!

7. In the first field (1), enter the PUK code from the envelope (from step 1). In the other two fields (1), enter PIN code for the card which will be used in future. Click Next (2).

8. If you have entered correct information, you will receive message: "You have successfully unblocked PIN1 on Electronic ID". This means that you successfully unblocked digital certificate.

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