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Hal E-Forms

Hal E-Forms – an efficient way to create e-forms

Hal E-Forms widens the framework of e-bank functionality. Hal E-Bank together with Hal E-Forms enables a bank to widen its spectrum of e-banking functions, which is primarily focused on payment transactions, quickly and efficiently, and to gradually extend it to solving all other specific needs of the bank and its clients.

Hal E-Forms is a modern concept of designing information solutions, since it enables easy addition of new e-forms for simple and complex e-services, without mediation of programming houses. Hal E-Forms enables banks to perform the following tasks on any type of e-forms:

  • Designing them (also on the basis of existing Word or Adobe PDF documents),
  • Processing them
  • Filling them out,
  • Digitally signing them and
  • Time-stamping them.
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