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Hal M-Bank

Hal M-Bank is a simple, fast and secure solution for electronic banking via mobile phone. As such, Hal M-Bank enables its users safe 24/7 banking when they are out and about.

The Hal M-Bank solution enables quick and simple review of the main e-banking functionalities directly via mobile phone./p>

You can:
  • locate bank branches and ATMs,
  • review current accounts and transactions,
  • review savings accounts and transactions,
  • review deposit accounts,
  • review credit cards and transactions,
  • review basic loan information,
  • carry out payments (from scratch or from pre-defined beneficiaries),
  • prepare a new payment order without the manual entry of payment data by taking a photo of the invoice,
  • carry out payments from templates,
  • pay utility bills,
  • transfer funds among user accounts,
  • customize your home page,
  • post, share, follow Hal M-Bank m-banking app on social networks (Facebook, Twitter).
The advantages of Hal M-Bank are:
  • simple use,
  • 24/7 availability,
  • secure business operations,
  • complementary to electronic bank or a stand-alone module,
  • works on all smart mobile phones.
    *Electronic banking services included in the Hal M-Bank solution vary from market to market.
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