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Just as with normal (paper) documents, it is often vital to know that the content of an electronic document has not changed from a certain point in time on. A timestamp that confirms this gives an electronic document legal validity equivalent to that of a normal document.

Halcom CA has the status of a Trusted Third Party (TTP) and operates as a Time Stamping Authority (TSA).

The role of a time stamping authority in electronic commerce is similar to that of an impartial witness in transactions with paper documents (e.g. a public notary). From a technical perspective, the time stamping takes place in a highly-secure server, which is synchronized with time servers. The document is signed with a valid digital certificate at a certain point in time by securely linking the time data of the signature with the data in the electronic document. The meaning of the timestamp is two-fold:


  • the timestamp is legally valid proof that the electronic document existed at a certain point in time;
  • the timestamp confirms that the document has not changed since the moment of time stamping.


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