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The web service enables the applications for e-business to be independent from specific agencies for issuing digital certificates.

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Who should use web services

Halcom’s web services for easier electronic business are intended for various electronic services providers that want to enable their users access to services using digital certificates of all registered certificate authorities in Slovenia, and at the same time they do not want to deal with different ways registration authorities save data into digital certificates.

CertificateStatus Web Service

A web service for verifying the validity of digital certificates (time validity, correctness of certificate validity, certificate status in the list of revoked certificates),

CertificateInfo Web Service

A web service for returning information about the digital certificate and its holder.

CertificateTaxNumbers Web Service

A web service for verifying tax numbers of digital certificates (holder tax number, company tax number).

Use and access to web services

The use of web services is free of charge, but not anonymous. Access to web services is turned on manually on the basis of the client’s digital certificate you provided.

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