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Halcom Certificate Authority (CA) was the first in the world to enable access to multiple accounts at different banks with a single digital certificate. Halcom CA was established in 1999 and is today the largest certificate authority in Slovenia that issues digital certificates on a secure medium (smart card / smart USB key), with over 300 000 issued certificates. Since 2001, Halcom CA offers its digital certificates in Bosnia and Herzegovina and since 2003, in Serbia and Montenegro.

Following its success in Slovenia, in 2002 Halcom CA was included in the national public register of certificate authorities and today our digital certificates are also used to access other secure electronic portals (public and business) in Slovenia, such as eTaxes - DURS (Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia), AJPES (Agency for Public Evidences), INTRASTAT (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia), ZRSZ (Employment service of Slovenia) and others.

Our qualified digital certificates are available to legal entities and private individuals alike. The solution is available on smart USB keys, smart cards and smartphones.

Our Products

Qualified digital certificate for legal entities

enables access to a company’s online banking portal as well as signing domestic and international payments on behalf of the parent and daughter company at home and abroad. The certificate is issued on a smart card or on a smart USB key.

Qualified digital certificate for private individuals

enables convenient and secure access to holder's online banking as well as submission of personal income tax form at DURS – Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia. The certificate can be stored on user's computer (Standard Qualified Digital Certificate) or smart card / smart USB key (Advanced Qualified Digital Certificate).

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