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Omni-Channel Digital Experience...
A single platform behind independent presentation layers guarantees a seamless user-experience and a true omni-channel banking approach.
...powered by a robust Engine...
Your data is safely stored offline, which means your customers will always have access to their financial data, no matter what you do in the backend.
...delivered the way you need it.
Our solutions can be installed locally or be made available through our data centers based on your specific business and regulatory requirements.

Smart digitization will drive your performance in new ways

Cost optimization

Halcom understands the diversity of corporate clients that banks face. A single platform enables creation of dedicated online banking offerings for different corporate client types to lower your TCO and provide the best possible experience to everyone from local companies to large multi-nationals.

Revenue uplift

A popular solution among corporate clients, Halcom's online banking has the potential to increase bank's fee income, as businesses shift their transactional activities to the financial provider offering online banking services.

Customer loyalty

Halcom online banking tools have long been the differentiating factor on the markets where our solutions are present - numerous banks are naming it as a decisive factor for acquiring and retaining clients.

Explore our most popular features

Multi level approval workflow

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Batch transaction processing

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Self Administration

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Trade Finance

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Cash Management

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Straight-through Processing (STP)

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