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The EU’s Revised Payment Services Directive, or PSD2, and the related Open Banking initiatives will have a profound effect on the future of the financial industry. The existing business model will need to change to allow banks to open APIs, provide access to customer accounts information data, and enable payments directly from the users’ accounts. In this way, the balance of power will shift to the end user, while third-party providers will be able to offer comprehensive reviews of the user’s financial data and develop their own payment platforms. In short, the revised Directive encourages collaboration between FinTech and banks and places high emphasis on innovative services and user security. Meet Halcom One, an Open Banking solution.

Halcom One is a comprehensive solution for Open Banking initiative designed to connect all stakeholders in digital banking industry.


Halcom One is an open banking solution for banks and financial institutions. It provides support to the implementation of the second Payment Services Directive, or PSD2. As an independent platform connected to digital banking solutions, Halcom One is independent from any supplier or channel (Corporate, SME or Retail). The solution is based on open APIs and value added services. At internal bank systems, payment security can be achieved through the use of Halcom’s fraud prevention system, AntiFraud. Our innovative platform enables the creation of new, innovative services, providing a modern bank with an opportunity to offer its own customers, as well as customers of other banks, an advanced integrated platform that provides access to aggregate financial data and innovative complementary products. This further boosts customer loyalty and promotes cross-selling of additional products and services provided by the bank and its partners. Finally, Halcom One also enables managed services, such as test environments for third parties, help with Third-Party Provider integration and onboarding process and in addition ongoing production support. 


Halcom One is an independent platform connected to digital banking solutions. It is based on open APIs and value added services and enables the creation of new, innovative services.


Regulatory Compliance

Halcom One conforms to PSD2 RTS and fully meets all its requirements. It contains white labeled open APIs, and supports all stakeholders and roles of open banking.



Halcom One provides highest security with the use of fraud risk prevention systems on the platform (AntiFraud) and for customers through two-factor authentication systems (i.e. mobile tokens, Cloud Certicates). Halcom issued security elements are eIDAS compliant.


Potential growth in revenue

Halcom One enables its users to build an advanced, integrated platform that provides access to aggregate financial data and enables implementation of value added services. By not limiting our API on just PSD2 RTS, the bank has the option to enable more functionalities that bring value to end users. We will be continuously adding new functionalities on our API based on what the banks see as most beneficial.


True omni-channel 

Halcom One is built on Halcom’s E-Business Platform on which all of Halcom’s systems are based. So it does not matter if the user creates payments within their ebank, mbank, through third-parties or by going to the bank branch. All the payment information is visible through any channel the user uses.

Optimization of the bank’s administration load

In the scope of its managed services, Halcom offers optional third-party provider onboarding, integration implementation and third-party management.

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