Export of digital certificate data

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The program for Exporting digital certificate data is a service program intended for exporting public data from digital certificates stored on the smart card or USB key ONE FOR ALL. This program creates a Certificate of authenticity of the digital certificate, which contains all data required to verify the certificate ownership. Sign and deliver the Certificate of authenticity to the bank with which you have signed the agreement for e-banking.

To run the Export program click Here 

Short instructions:
Step 1

Insert your smart card into the card reader or USB key into the USB port.

Step 2

Run the Export program by clicking Run.

  • for browser Internet Explorer:

  • for browser Mozilla Firefox first click Save file and then Run

  • for browser Google Chrome first click on the Export program (bottom left) and then Run.

Step 3

To see procedures after the renewal of your digital certificate click Here 

IzvozCertifikata.exe 0.3 Mb Download

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