Data Protection Policy

At Halcom, we are aware of the responsibility and the trust you have shown us with your data. Therefore, we strive to manage your data in a legal, fair and transparent way.

In order to present how we protect and process your data clearly, we have published the Data Protection Policy that includes:

  • Data Protection Policy where you can find all key information regarding the processing of data, our obligations and your rights. The policy is published in accordance with the General Data Protection Act (GDPR).
    • Appendix 1: Data Processing for Trust Services, Technical and User Support for Electronic Banking and Payment Services where we precisely specify which types of data are processed in these cases, as well as what are the purposes of data processing.
    • Appendix 2: Data Processing for Corporate Communication, Friendly and Secure Web Experience, where we list the types and different purposes of data processing with the goal to provide a friendly and useful visits to our websites.

The Data Protection Policy is available to you at any time via the link below.

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