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1. Nexus Personal displays digital certificate as Title missing

Featured The Title missing problem in Nexus Personal is the result of missing / incorrect drivers for your smart USB key.It will be necessary to install drivers for your smart card reader IDBridge K30 USB from the link. After installing the driver, token information…

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2. I need the Nexus Personal middleware

Featured Nexus Personal download

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3. What is a digital certificate?

Featured A digital certificate is a unique link between the certificate holder and his public key. The certificate contains the user's basic data and the public key. In open systems, digital certificates are publicly available, which allows finding and verifying the…

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4. Export of digital certificate data

Featured The program for Exporting digital certificate data is a service program intended for exporting public data from digital certificates stored on the smart card or USB key ONE FOR ALL. This program creates a Certificate of authenticity of the digital certificate,…

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5. How do I unblock a blocked ONE FOR ALL digital certificate?

Featured If your smart card / USB key ONE FOR ALL is blocked you can unblock it with the PUK code. The PUK code is written on the document containing the initial PIN code (envelope received from Halcom-CA, when the certificate was ordered). Before entering the PUK,…

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6. Policies and root digital certificates - qualified certificates for website authentication for individuals

Policy (CPName, CPOID): Halcom CA web 1, v.4Valid from: 1.7.2020Digital certificate of the issuer Halcom Root Certificate Authority - Distinguished name: C=SI, O=Halcom d.d.,, CN= Halcom Root Certificate Authority…

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7. Nexus End-User License Terms and Conditions »EULA«

Nexus Personal is a smart card/ USB key middleware integrating smart cards, USB keys and security tokens and provides users with two-factor authentication (2FA), digital signing, encryption etc.Unless otherwise agreed in writing, end-users are subject to…

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8. Problems installing Nexus Personal middleware

Problem 1 After installing Nexus Personal program in pop-up window click OK and restart the computer. Program Nexus Personal is not installed yet. Now, it is necessary to Run installation file which can be found Here. After successful installation of program…

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9. Problems with detecting a digital certificate for legal entities

1. Firstly, install a program called Nexus Personal, latest version from this link (its a software that is needed to work with our digital certificate for legal entities). Without it, out certificate cannot be used. After installation/upgrade is finished,…

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10. Did I manage to install the root certificate?

Step 1Open program Nexus Personal.Step 2Double click on Eletronic ID.Step 3In a newly open window double click on Digital Signature or on Digital Signiture-2, if you have had renew digital certificate.Step 4After successfully installing the root certificate,…

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