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1. Where does the Hal E-Bank save data? What about database backups?

We are usually not aware of the importance of making backups until we are faced with data loss. By then it is usually too late. Statistics show that in using the Hal E-Bank program data loss is most frequently caused by hardware failure (hard disk) and sometimes…

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2. What is the difference between the Hal E-Bank/Personal and the Hal E-Bank/Corporate?

The Hal E-Bank/Personal is the single-user version of the program for small and medium-sized companies where there is only one person authorised to access the electronic bank. The Hal E-Bank/Corporate is the multiuser version of the program for companies…

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3. Supported operating systems

Hal E-Bank software works only on Microsoft Windows operating systems supported versions are listed in the document Hardware and software requirement.

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4. When upgrading the program, the Hal E-Bank displays the error Download unsuccessful: Maxversion.txt

This error appears when upgrading or updating the Hal E-Bank is unsuccessful. The error means that the version of the program on the server is not newer than that on your computer Upgrade the Hal E-Bank, by following the instructions located here.

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