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1. The program for testing the connection with the bank server

The program for testing the connection with the bank server here.

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2. How to delete an account from the e-bank after it has been closed?

At your next entry, you will have to re-select the bank you do business with from the list and accept the profile. If you use multiple banks in the Hal E-Bank, you will need to establish the first connection to the bank for each additional bank: 1. Select…

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3. Doing business with additional banks using the Hal E-Bank

If you are already a Hal E-Bank user, you can add to your existing program installation the accounts at other banks included in the Hal E-Bank system. The list of banks included in the Hal E-Bank system is available here. After the formalities have been completed,…

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4. How can I unbind a batch?

Only batches with the status “PREPARED” can be unbound. They are displayed in green. If the batches are in red and have the status “VERIFIED”, they will need to be unlocked before making any changes. 1. Open the Preparation/Batches folder by clicking…

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5. Cancelling sent orders

Orders with payment dates/due dates in the future can be cancelled. Banks can guarantee that orders with a present payment date/due date will be successfully cancelled only if the cancellation is sent in a timely manner. 1. Select the order to cancel (the…

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6. The program displays the warning "Delivery contains documents not confirmed by the bank"

The Delivery folder contains documents for which the bank has not sent a confirmation of receipt. This warning is usually displayed after a poor or interrupted communication with the bank server. • If the grey batch,

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7. Problems in importing and preparing SEPA XML files

There are often problems when importing SEPA XML files. They are caused by improperly prepared files that do not comply with the standard. To facilitate the preparation of files and the identification of errors, we have prepared short instructions on how…

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8. The following message appears in the Hal E-Bank: User data cannot be restored

If you see this error message, you will need to check with your bank whether they have included you in the system, please follow the link here. When entering the Hal E-Bank, the error message ”User data cannot be restored” is displayed. This error can…

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9. When launched, the program displays the error "The card in use does not have access to the existing accounts"

This warning appears when you first launch the newly installed program or when accessing the program using a new or renewed qualified digital certificate. This warning is only a notification informing the user that the current qualified digital certificate…

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10. Do you want to do business with foreign companies, but the option is not available in the program?

Cross-border payments and transactions with foreign currencies are possible by clicking the drop-down menu (A) above the field where your account is shown and selecting “Cross-border payments”. The types of business that you can choose are tied to the…

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