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1. Exporting transactions to xls (Microsoft Excel file format)

You can export transactions to xls (Microsoft Excel file format) using expanded export. Expanded export of transaction items: 1. Mark the transaction item to be exported. Multiple items can be marked simultaneously (see tip). 2. To change the parameters for…

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2. Problems in importing and preparing SEPA XML files

There are often problems when importing SEPA XML files. They are caused by improperly prepared files that do not comply with the standard. To facilitate the preparation of files and the identification of errors, we have prepared short instructions on how…

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3. The ISO XML standard has become mandatory as of 1 August 2014

On 1 August 2014, Regulation (EU) No. 260/2012 entered into force. With this Regulation, the ISO 20022 XML standard has become mandatory for use in exchanging payment orders and other electronic banking messages from the above date forward. Consequently,…

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4. ISO SEPA XML format

In accordance with European legislation, the ISO SEPA XML format is becoming the only option for importing and exporting data. For details, please refer to this If you import and export files into backend programs, please check whether they support the ISO…

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