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1. Certificate renewal of qualified digital certificate for legal entities

Featured Qualified digital certificate renewal can be ordered by clicking RenewalCertificate renewal can be ordered in browsers Internet Explorer 10 or newer version, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.Short instructions:Step 1Insert USB key or smartcard in smartcard…

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2. Did I successfully renew my qualified digital certificate?

Verify that you have successfully renewed qualified digital certificate . Step 1 Open program Nexus Personal: Nexus Personal (Start/Programs/Personal 4.X.X/Personal) or By clicking the icon in the taskbar, open the program Nexus Personal. Step 2 Click to…

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3. Digital certificate enrolment

Digital certificate enrolment EnrolmentAfter paying the pro forma invoice you can perform the enrollment of your qualified digital certificate on a smart card or USB key. All the necessary steps for certificate enrolment are described below. Short instructions:Step…

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4. In what cases are renewal or renewal orders not possible?

A renewal or renewal order are not possible:• if the validity of the qualified digital certificate has already expired,• if the data contained in the qualified digital certificate has been changed (company name, company tax number, company registration…

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5. I can no longer login to eDavki using a renewed digital certificate

PDF booklet Step 1For the first registration procedure, click the following link: E-DAVKI. Step 2Click First registration Step 4Enter your PIN and click Verify my identity.

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6. Procedures after the renewal of the qualified digital certificate

For successful use of your renewed qualified digital certificate read the next three steps:1. Who do you need to inform about the renewal of your digital certificate?Banks that will autamatically include you in the system  

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