Procedures after the renewal of the qualified digital certificate

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For successful use of your renewed qualified digital certificate read the next three steps:

1. Who do you need to inform about the renewal of your digital certificate?

Banks that will autamatically include you in the system                          Banks that require an export of the digital certificate after a successful renewal to include you in the system
 Abanka SBERBANK banka, Elektronsko bančništvo, Dunajska 128a, 1000 Ljubljana
 BKS Bank Delavska Hranilnica,
 UniCredit Banka Slovenija Deželna banka Slovenije, send to administrator in Deželna banka Slovenije d.d.
 Addiko Bank Hranilnica Vipava, Glavni trg 15, 5271 Vipava
 Nova Ljubljanska banka Sparkasse banka (Net.Stik), Elektronsko bančništvo, Cesta v Kleče 15, 1000 Ljubljana
 SKB banka (PRO SKB NET) SKB banka (SKB NET), Služba za pomoč uporabnikom, Trg Ajdovščina 4, 1513 Ljubljana
 Sparkasse banka (Net.Stik PRO) 

Users of the electronic services of INTRASTAT must submit your new digital certificate serial number to the organisation as doing business with them electronically will only be possible after they receive your new digital certificate serial number.

Users of the electronic services of AJPES must add your renewed certificate to your personal profile on For more information please contact AJPES.

Users of the web service eDavki (slovenian eTaxes) must again carry out the first registration procedure for your renewed digital certificate at the eDavki website.

If you use any other electronic services, check with your service provider.

2. Export of digital certificate

3. Verify that you have successfully renewed qualified digital certificate

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