Digital certificate enrolment

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Digital certificate enrolment  Enrolment

After paying the pro forma invoice you can perform the enrollment of your qualified digital certificate on a smart card or USB key. All the necessary steps for certificate enrolment are described below.
Short instructions:

Step 1
Run the program for enrolment by clicking  RUN or save in to your computer by clicking SAVE.

Step 2
Insert your smart card into the card reader or USB key into the USB port and select RUN.

Step 3
The "Digital certificate renewal" dialogue opens. For further instructions click on the Help button, for continuing the enrolment click on the Start button.  

Step 4
By clicking on the "Renew" button the following notification is displayed, which you confirm by clicking OK.

Step 5
In the dialogue below you enter your PIN code and confirm it by clicking Verify my identity.

Step 6
After successful enrolment of the renewed QDC the notification below is displayed, which you confirm by clicking Close.

Step 7
The renewal is finished. The dialogue with user data and the old and renewed qualified digital certificate is displayed again. Click Close.

Step 8
The renewed QDC can also be checked in the Nexus Personal program (Start/Programs/Personal 4.X.X/Personal).Click on View - Preferences - Card Readers - Empty Cache.

Step 9
After successfully cleared cache you confirm the notification by clicking OK.

Step 10
Renewed qualified digital certificate is marked with number 2.

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